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Upcoming Chicago Filming Locations Oct 8 – 21

October 08, 2010

We have put together a list of filming locations which will be occuring in Chicago through the 21st.  As we get more filming locations in, we will update our list.  At the time, we do not know what is filming at the locations listed below.

If you have information, or if you want to check them out and report back to us, that would be great.   You should see no parking signs, filming signs for crews. As the dates approach you should see filming activity and the film crews themselves.

By the length of time for a few of the locations we are hoping that at least a few of locations is for the film Contagion with Matt Damon and Kate Winslett.   We are hoping the other locations may be for Ride Along with Jennifer Beals.

If you get any information you can send us an email to

At Goodman and Mango, Kennedy and Kennedy Central Ave, Goodman and Carmen, Higgens and Carmen,
Mango and Parkside, Parkside and Major, Higgins and Mango, Major and Carmen

10-14 through 10-16

Hermitage, Winnemac, Carmen, Ravenswood
10-17 through 10-22

Belden, Webster, Halsted, Fremont, Dayton, Chalmers
10-12 through 10-13

Ashland, Paulina, Marshfield, Wabansia
10-17 through 10-18

Damen, Race, Ohio, Grand, Wolcott, Erie
10-10 through 10-15

New and Illinois
10-8 through 10-21