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Transformers 3 Looking For Extras in Detroit

August 04, 2010

Thanks to our good friend Steve and WOMC radio in Detroit

If you are interested in being an extra for Transformers 3 in Detroit, then today is your day.

They are currently looking for extras for the filming which will occur at the end of august.

You must be over 18 years old with a  legal ID.  Male and Female, all Ethnicities.  Please submit CURRENT picture, name, phone, contact, age height, weight, and sizes to:

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  • Deephitter26

    I've been hoping to get this news for a LONG time…..

  • Schpeckinstein

    What do they mean by contact and sizes? Is contact the same as the phone plus an email? And is the sizes the pant and shirt?

  • JoeyDC

    I believe by sizes they mean your body measurements but I'm not sure about the 'contact' part. If you are interested in becoming an extra just send them all your information and ask what they mean by 'contact'. As long as you provide everything else they ask for, I don't think that will be an issue.