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Transformers 3 Set Location Pictures In Chicago – July 19

July 19, 2010

These really great pictures are from today and the last couple of days. The first set is from David and Micahel Mellon. The second set is from Sione and her family. The last pictures we got in today from Cindy.

For the following pictures thank you, Sione.  Great job!!

And Thank You Cindy for the below pictures.  Looks like an awesome site, wish i could be there!!

  • JoeyDC

    Love, love, love the photos!!!

  • Russjohns4383

    cool man cant wait till april 2011

  • Russjohns4383

    been there done that cool cool cool right on!

  • JoeyDC

    Yes, it looks really great already and I'm very excited too!