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Transformers 3 Filming Location In Chicago On La Salle Street July 9-11

July 08, 2010

Transformers 3 is filming in Chicago on La Salle between Randolph Street and Jackson BLVD between the 9th at 6pm and the 11th at 6am.

There is a proposal.  We dont know if it went through, that on the 11th from 7am til 10am there could be a scene that will involve stuntmen skydiving from helicopters and deploying parachutes at low altitude while being filmed from a second helicopter with a camera.  If the proposal was passed it will affect the following areas:

Randolph St. from Michigan Ave. to N. Field Blvd.

•Beaubien Ct. from Randolph to Lake Street

•Stetson Ave. from Randolph to Lake Street

•Columbus Dr. from Randolph St. to E. South Water Street

All Randolph traffic from Michigan to Upper and Middle Columbus, plus Field Dr. and the Park Rim Roads will be subject to temporary closure for a maximum of 15 minutes during several jumps.

If you are down there, we would love updates and pictures of the filming.  Security will be tight, and its going to be busy. But its going to be pretty exciting also.

You can send us email at and as we get filming location pictures in, we will be posting them so check back frequently.