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New Scream 4 Set Pics From Northville Including Neve Campbell and Wes Craven – July 6

July 06, 2010

The pictures just keep coming in for Scream 4. These ones were too cool not to share. Great job “B”

Everyone that is contributing is awesome. Everyone that is enjoying our set pictures is awesome. Thanks all for the support for our site!!

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We have our set location pictures from earlier also.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”385″][/youtube]

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  • Lisa in MI

    Awesome pictures. How'd they get so close?

  • Detroiter

    Just what we need in this town – big hollywood egos and papparazzi… While it may seem exciting – it won't be when they take over… None of them would even talk to the local media or even wave and smile… They are guests in our city and should at least have some manners while visiting…

  • Produce_me_an_email

    “Detroiter” (who probably lives in the Northville or somewhere close) is right…who needs money and commerce. Those a-holes wouldn't wave! They can take all their money that Michigan totally doesn't need and stick it back in their California dumpers! This is OUR city, and we only like NICE people!

    Who cares if they don't wave or say “hi”? Welcome them in, hike your prices up, and gouge the bejesus out of them. It's the American way!

  • tsol

    @Detroiter: Do you wave and talk to everyone all at once when you're trying to work? Are you even working?

    They have a job to do and a schedule to keep. Meanwhile, Michigan gets to enjoy a little economic stimulus and some notoriety… It's about time we got some good news around here.

  • Film Freak

    Oh you guys need to calm down. It's awesome that, for the time, Michigan has become a hot-spot for motion pictures. They're here to do a job and they don't need to be interrupted when they're doing it. Onlookers should be respectful of their work and just be happy to be able to see a film being made.

    It's great to see something happening in this state that isn't just about the auto companies.

  • The actors have been amazing! They have stopped and taken pictures with so many people in our town.

  • JoeyDC

    Really fantastic photos!!! Thanks so much for sharing “B”.

  • archlaser

    I agree.

  • TheDude

    The only reason why some people get annoyed when actors don't wave or whatever, is because the actors make a lot of money. If the actors and directors of today were making a hundred grand per movie, they'd be less judged and less expected to wave and smile and make their fans happy. I couldn't care either way, but that's definitely the main reason why delusional fans get angry. I would hate to be famous, because there's always going to be some high strung person that loves them, only until their idols don't respond the way they want them to respond, and then the fan automatically hates them with a vengeance! It's one thing if the cast was outright rude to people, but they don't have to wave when you want them to, because IMO that's a bit weird. Who waves at celebrities? Not all actors can pretend to be nice to everyone, and many of them are VERY insecure people, or very much in thought during breaks, where they are thinking about the next scene, and how they're going to perform the scene. For every person who wants them to wave and smile, a hundred more have already been there, and it's probably distracting.

  • TheDude

    Also, just because an actor is looking at you and not smiling, doesn't mean the actor thinks they are better than you, or dislikes you 🙂

  • Dee

    I was there today and personally saw Courteney Cox wave to some fans between takes and saw David Arquette signing autographs during the lunch break. What more do you want?

  • Brennan39

    The actors and actresses were not talking to the press because the security was so tight. The security would literally not let anyone within 20 feet of the doors of the bookstore, so it was not them being snotty. I got a picture with Neve Campbell while she was walking out of another store and was SOOOO nice. They were just trying to get their jobs done. And I think they handled it very well considering our entire town was completley star struck.

  • Northviller

    You must have not stuck around very long. They were very courtious when they came outside and were more than willing to take pictures and sign autographs.