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“Abduction” Set Pictures from Osage Rd in Mt. Lebanon – July 21

July 22, 2010

Aidinslevel went to the “Abduction” set starring Taylor Lautner on Osage Road in Mt. Lebanon yesterday, and took some very nice shots of the movie equipment, crew and area. Thanks a lot! Below is her little story she shared with us.

“So, one wrong set, one base camp that my 5 year old had the inside scoop on but failed to inform me ;o), and about 5 miles in total for the day walking in very high heels… I arrived at the set for Abduction… which mind you is only a couple streets over from me…But of course, right… *final facepalm*…
So, while I did not meet any stars yesterday (really was not expecting to) I did get to see 2 movies being made, a teen girl filled base camp and got some stellar set pics…Without further ado, the set of Taylor Lautner’s Abduction..”

If you would like to share your “Abduction” set pictures with us please feel free to send them to We are always very grateful for contributions no matter if they are posted on the site or not.

Don’t forget that the cast and crew are there to do a job. We understand that it is exciting to see them at work, but nevertheless respect the process of film making and don’t be invasive. It is never guaranteed that you’ll meet one of the cast members. If you are going to take pictures and observe, do it from an appropriate distance so you won’t disrupt the film makers and actors from working. They’ll most likely cooperate if you stick to their rules!

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