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“The Double” with Richard Gere is filming in Ann Arbor, MI today

June 24, 2010

Richard Gere and Topher Grace filming “The Double” at Main and Liberty St inĀ Ann Arbor, Michigan today. Thanks to Chris Mullins.

According to, the crew had left the area around noon. Still, there might be a chance they are somewhere near by in this area, so if you have any information please let us know!

We are always on the look out for photos/videos of currently being filmed movies, so in case you manage to take some please share them with the site by sending an email to It’s always very much appreciated!

  • Patrick Bugg

    Where will there be filming tomorrow?! I HAVE TO SEE THE THREE B'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Bartlett, Beckett, Billy Flynn) (Martin Sheen, Stana Kotic, Richard Gere)