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Scream 4 Filming Location And Set Pictures In Ann Arbor- June 28

June 28, 2010

We just got these pictures in.  They are two sets of pictures.  Thank you to both of you. 

Check out our other set of photos also!!  We should be getting photos from the middle school scene soon.

If anyone has any pics or videos they want to share, feel free to send us an email at

They were taken today in Ann Arbor in the Burn Park area by someone that wanted to remain Anonymous. The person that took the picture stated there were tons of set signs around, and the “Project Z” sign that has thrown off some people, but we understand its just a codename for “Scream 4″. You can see the SUV with Hayden driving.

The second set of pics are from Liz. She was at Wells & Lincoln near Burns Park and saw Hayden driving.

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  • DMLoPresti

    Few pics of the crew with the SUV and Hayden in the drivers seat. Hope they post….




  • Jallendsl

    im from michigan, thats soo cool!!

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  • JoeyDC

    Great photos!

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  • John

    I was there, they were stunt doubles!!! I talked to someone from the crew!

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  • Scream3fam

    wow i wish i was there and see what's up ya r lucky i am like way in texas

  • dylan whitty

    I cant wait till it comes out, i think i could SCREAM! see what i did their XD lol, ah.. i crack myself up! :D lol
    No but seriously, i love these movies and i cant wait!!

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  • aaron

    I lived on Wells 3rd grade through 6th and on Olivia a few houses off of Wells before that, a block away from Wells and Lincoln and then on the other side of the park after that, and I went to the Burns Park School. Were they actually shooting in or around the school? If so I beat them to it by shooting my first (and only completed so far) movie there when I was in… 4th, or 6th grade way before all of you were born! haha. We had a fight scene in a 3rd fl. room and then threw a “body” out the window which was a pair of jeans and a shirt that I had stuffed like a scarecrow and then we filmed a close up of it's bloody guts which I created out of spaghetti and sauce! Then we had a chase scene out of the parking lot in a couple of teachers cars and then went to the Arb and ran down the giant hill chasing each other and having a shoot out and dying/rolling down the hill! My god why didn't that make a me a star? I'm sure it was better than all the Scream movies! I don't know what happened to the footage :(

    Last night apparently I drove Emma Roberts to her hotel in my cab but I didn't know it was her until she got out and the remaining girl told me who she was after i asked what they were doing in town. In fact I didn't know such a person existed until then! I do like her dad though! There I was with my copy of Movie Maker on the seat not knowing I had a starlet with me, haha. I've wanted to do this stuff all my life but I just procrastinate, and now movies are continually coming to town and everyone but me gets involved! I've got to get it together, ugh.


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