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Michigan, New York, Los Angeles And Other Locations For June 30th Including “Scream 4″ And “Real Steel”

June 29, 2010

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Los Angeles Filming Locations

World Peace Media is filming “Various” productions at 1275 E 6th St
from June 30th through July 1st from 8am til 10pm

An FX Promo is being filming in Los Angeles at 544 Mateo Street
from 7am til 10pm

Takers is filming on location in Los Angeles from 10pm til 6am at
4th St, Mateo St. – Anderson St.
404 S Figueroa St. from 12pm til 8pm
4th St., Figueroa St. – Lower Grand Ave. from 10pm til 6am

New York Filming Locations

White Collar is filming at Silvercup East in New York City

The Big C is filming in Stamford at 25 Harborview Road

Michigan Filming Locations

Scream 4 is filming in Livonia, MI  in the area of the old 16th District Court.  Click here for info The address is 33000 Civic Center Drive

Update for Real Steel: Real Steel is filming on Vendome in Grosse Point, Mi today. (June 30th) ~Thanks Liz!!

Real Steel will be filming July 1st and July 2nd at the Ingham County Courthouse in Mason. The courthouse will be open, which should allow for photo opportunities. Filming will take place in the Courtroom, Jury Room, Front Entrance, and Rotunda areas.

On Thursday and Friday, July 1-2, Jefferson Street north of Ash Street and south of Maple Street, and Maple between Jefferson and Barnes Street will be closed.
The southbound lane of Barnes between Maple and Ash will be closed at 8 p.m. Wednesday, June 30 until the shoot is finished on the evening of July 2.

Harold and Kumar 3 as we wrote yesterday is filming  in the area of Lahser Road, between Quarton and Maple Road in Bloomfield Township

if you drive along Maple, you will see yellow signs labeled “SANTA.” The arrows will lead you to the location.

The street is Burning Bush between Halfmoon and Wooddale.  They will be there til about the 3rd week in July

If you have information  The Double, we would love to hear.

New Orleans Filming Locations 
Eastern New Orleans motorists can expect traffic delays for the next month and a half as film production activity closes the the Lakefront Airport Overpass between Hayne Boulevard and the Sen. Ted Hickey Bridge, more commonly known as the “Seabrook Bridge.”
The overpass will be closed from May 18 til July 2nd according to an advisory by the New Orleans Office of Film and Video. Its thought to be for the movie, “The Green Lantern” starring Ryan Reynolds.

Check back in the morning for more information!!

Dallas Texas Filming Locations
The Good Guys is filming 1700 Ashland St in Dallas

Austin Texas Filming Locations

Friday Night Lights is filming at BILL DORAN at 2006 GASTON PLACE in Austin

Check back in the morning for more filming locations!!

  • Liz

    Real Steel is filming in Grosse Pointe, MI today! My hometown! My friend who lives there saw the set up…waiting on pics…

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