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Gerard Butler To Start Filming “Machine Gun Preacher” In Melvindale Michigan July 8 -28

June 21, 2010

According to our good friend Jessica at, Gerard Butler will be working on the movie “Machine Gun Preacher” from July 8 through the 28th in Melvindale, MI.

“The film is based on the true story of Sam Childers, a missionary in southern Sudan who really is referred to as the “Machine Gun Preacher.”

Childers is a former gang biker and drug dealer from Pennsylvania who became a member of the Assembly of God church and later visited Sudan.”

Childers and his wife founded the Angels of East Africa to help educate and shelter the orphans of the Sudan region.

Butler will play Sam Childers, and Michele Monoghan will play his wife Lynn.

For those who are interested in being cast as an extra, they are looking for specific types:

“Bikers, Biker Chicks, Church Goers, Junkies/Drug Dealers, Prostitutes, Construction Workers, Factory Workers, Farmers, Teenagers and Children. There is also a need for denture wearers willing to be filmed without teeth and people in motorized carts.”

To apply click here

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