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Filming Locations in Chicago For May 24, 25, 26

May 19, 2010

Upcoming Filming Locations In Chicago

There are street closure signs from May 24 through the 25
at the intersection of Belden and Orchard

Filming is occuring the 24th in Chicago at North and North Park
Filming is occuring in the same area at Wells and Concord on the 24th

Filming is occuring the 24th through the 29th on Washington and Elizabeth Street

May 25 through the 27th filming will occur in the area of Clark and Wrightwood
May 25 through the 26th filming will be occuring at Wabash Lower and Chicago River

On May 26 at 429 N. Columbus DR near E. North Water Street
filming will be occuring

The productions are unknown.
If you are in the area, or want to check them out you can let us know
what is going on.

You can write below, or send us an email to

Cheaters starts next week,  as we get information in we will post it in our daily filming locations

  • aaron

    if they are going to film at belden and orchard, the no parking said, from 24th 6pm till 25th 11pm.