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True Grit Filming Location Set Pictures and Video – April 28

April 28, 2010

The Following pictures are courtesy of Crystal, that lives down near Granger, Texas.    She took them today.   To see more of her pics goto her website!!  Thanks Crystal

Keep coming back, as we get more pics in. If you have any pics you want to share, send us an email to


  • JoeyDC

    Oooh, great photos! Still hoping to see some of Matt though :).

  • Matt and Jeff have not been here yet….I've heard different stories…. one is maybe tomorrow and then others say next week. It really depends on when they do film the boarding house. The train scene is supposed to be tomorrow, as of now………They have said no pictures and make you put your camera up if they see you with it and they all know who I am, so I'm afraid to post any pictures with actors in them…..

  • JoeyDC

    Yes, I understand where you are coming from. The movie crew people are sometimes stricter than the actors themselves. In case you get to take some photos of Matt, perhaps you can share them via email for my private use only? Matt is my favorite actor and I'd love to have some current photos of him filming if there's any possibility of that.

  • Matt and Jeff not here again today….. not sure what's filming tomorrow. they're getting things ready at the “boarding house”. they're using a friend's house for the inside and a house front they built……

  • crredwards

    Mary, I spoke with the sister-in-law of the “boarding house interior” home. I believe she said they're filming there overnight Friday and/or early Saturday morning.

    I came to Granger and immediately was involved in a conversation/interview with the two women whose homes abut the back of the post office (sorry — pool hall; this gets confusing). Even during filming, the post office was open and people were parking on a side street and walking through a short alley to access the back door to do their usual mailing. As I was taking this in and chatting with the two local women, Joe (set manager) arrived and he obviously has an excellent relationship with them. He was explaining what was going to take place that day, asked permission to trim the lowest, scraggly branches off one of the trees, and just generally filled them in on things. (These two homes are behind the boarding house exterior.)

    I moved down and over one block to the very western edge of the set, right across from the “Merchant's Hotel” (see video to see that it's just a false “cap” put on the local lumber house). At that point I began talking with extras, who looked amazing.

    I was allowed to take photos for upwards of an hour (I was also interviewing Granger townspeople and movie extras, in particular the horsemen). Eventually everyone standing in the viewing area was asked to put their cameras away. It was civil, and almost apologetic, but they had allowed us to keep cameras out while they were shooting general wide-shot views of the busy street.

    I went back later that afternoon with my two daughters (aged 9 and 5) who immediately went bananas over the horses and horsemen. Several people were taking photos but we weren't allowed to get as close as I had been that morning to the main intersection of the street. We were required to stand at the extreme western end of the street, some fifteen feet back from the intersection beyond Merchant's, and visibility was nearly zero as the smoke pots around us were blowing our direction. We walked back streets up to the east end to look at the train, then left the town. I took no pictures this second time, as it seemed security was standing behind every bush and vehicle and they were obviously more protective of the production during that afternoon.

    A quick anecdote: When I was talking to the horsemen, two men in particular stood out. One is Top Ramirez, who you see with the scraggly white hair. His actual hair is about an inch long, and he was tickled to show me what they'd done to his head. He had informed another guy about the production, and together they came out from a neighboring town to be extras. Both men are (in true Texan form) genuine equestrians, and I believe both of them said they are horse trainers. They told me they arrived on set at 7 a.m. and went through makeup then were assigned horses. This was at about 10:00 in the morning and so far the horses and buggies and wagons were all gathered at the far west end of the main street, so they probably hadn't seen much action. There was also a young Native American man whose picture you can see in the gallery on my site ( ). He was pretty wide-eyed about the whole thing, and these two older men were kidding around with him nonstop. The horsemen (there were approximately 6 in the group/huddle I interviewed) were having a blast. When I saw them later that afternoon, they were covered in dust, sweaty, and still grinning whenever cameras weren't rolling.

    Things I learned:

    * In Texas, you have to spray down the dirt every short bit so you don't get dust devils blowing through your scene.

    * Those high-waisted pants show mens' bottoms of very nicely. Very, very nicely.

    * If you take two little girls to a Western set, expect to hear “zOMG ponies!” and don't expect to find (and seduce) Matt Damon. You'll be too busy making sure your sandaled daughters aren't stepping in road apples to see if Matt Damon is even there yet.

    * You couldn't pay me enough to be a set manager. Ever. Joe would materialize in the most unlikely places then immediately disappear. You could almost track his progress as he teleported, zig-zag fashion, down the streets. Wherever he'd appear, three people would run off in different directions to carry out whatever he must have asked. He was usually on the phone, and he smiled at most people, but it was obvious he was intense.

  • cn1509

    I left home in Austin and drove over to Granger today (Friday, 4/30) to see what was going on. Not much. The “main” street was blocked off so I parked nearby and walked over to shoot photos. I took several before security politely ran me off. They were doing “behind the scenes” shooting today and were sitting outside interviewing the producer (?), the guard thought. I did locate the “boarding house”, an old white two-story house on Hwy. 971 where they were filming today, but according to the sherrif's deputy I spoke with, the *big stars* are expected to arrive next week. (IOW, Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon were NOT in Granger as of Friday afternoon.) The first guard told me it was OK for people to stroll around the set on weekends, but today it was more or less a working set – nobody allowed in. Thanks for posting these pictures – it motivated me to drive over and take a look. And yes, the dirt on the streets is plain ol' mulch, like I need to put on my garden right now. And it's a shame they're going to strike the sets after the movie and the fair.

  • JoeyDC

    I really can't wait until Matt Damon arrives on the set :). Just imagining him being all dressed up as a cowboy or so gets me already all hyper LOL. I hope there is a possibility of sharing some photos of him.

  • cn1509

    Good luck on seeing a stah! up close and personal. The “boarding house” was shrouded in white plastic from the 2nd story balcony to the ground, and they were filming INSIDE. There were (kind, helpful and courteous) folks from the police dept., DPS, movie security people, etc. all over the place. That's how you can tell where they're filming – look for the local law. All this before the big stars have even arrived in town! There's supposed to be a viewing area for gawkers, but I never saw anything like that. Oh, and I didn't see a single horse or cow except on the drive over. No livestock on site Friday, so I'm jealous of the folks who were in Granger on Thursday. And thanks for their interesting posts. Guess I'm just star struck!

    I gotta say, though, it made me prouder than usual making the beautiful drive between G'town and Granger, to be a native Texan and have “out-of-towners” see how gorgeous it is here in spring!

  • This afternoon I sat in my car a street behind the ''boarding house”. security was tighter than a drum. I was watched like a hawk the whole time, couldn't really see too much, definitely didn't take any pictures. took a couple of the front in the morning, tho….. No filming on the weekend…. for one thing there's a big wedding saturday at the catholic church (at the end of the set) and reception at the church hall which is used as base camp. they're expecting around 400 people or so……. next week is filming the outside of the boarding house and the hanging scene……

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  • JoeyDC

    Unfortunately, I'm all the way up in Boston otherwise I'd give it a try. I know Matt Damon appreciates his fans and would take time to take photos if he isn't on a too tight schedule. Mostly it is the big movie companies that make a big deal out of having viewers taking photos. Some are pretty laid-back and don't mind. On the contrary, they appreciate the interest.