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Transformers 3 April 13 Filming Information in Gary Indiana

March 31, 2010








According to the Post-Tribue: The blockbuster “Transformers” movie franchise could be coming to Gary, Indiana . A film crew is expected to ask Gary’s Board of Public Works and Safety for permission today to shoot scenes for “Transformers 3” here on April 13.

The filming would take place at property owned by Majestic Star Casino at Buffington Harbor.
Ben Clement, who volunteers as the director of Gary’s office of Film and Television, said producer Michael Bay visited Gary in December.

“I’ve been working with these guys for a few months now,” Clement said.

The crew would use industrial property to the east of Majestic Star for a scene meant to take place in Russia, Clement said. The scene could be used to introduce one of the film’s main characters, the leader of the peace-seeking Transformers, to the movie.

We already Know that filming is going to occur in Chicago. By the time line, I would bet filming will occur in Chicago about the same time period. Businesses along Michigan avenue have been given a pre-emptive notice that filming will be occuring for Transformers 3.

“The big question now is will the shooting occur during the evening hours, or highly trafficed day-time hours?”

Of course, if its filming in Chicago, or anywhere near Chicago we will have filming information, locations and pictures. Watch our daily filming locations as time gets closer.

If we get an extra’s casting information we will get that posted also for you!!   If you are an extra, have information or pics, or just want to write us send us an email to

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