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Red Filming locations in New Orleans starting March 25 through April 1st

March 24, 2010











Thanks Scott for the great information you got for us.

The filming Red starring Bruce Willis starts on the 25th in NOLA.  On the 25th they will be filming on Magazine Street from 8am til 6pm in the 1500 Block.  They will be there also on the 26th

Monday morning March 29th  through the evening of April 1st the motion picture “RED” starring Bruce Willis will be filming on N. Peters between St. Louis and Bienville.  The filming will take place from roughly 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM each day. The activity will include simulated gunfire and stunt work.

March 29th & 30th N. Peters will be closed from St. Louis to Bienville.   Quarter bound traffic traveling on N. Peters will be diverted at Bienville St. over to Charters St.  (This traffic diversion will be efficiently facilitated by 15 NOPD officers who will pull traffic through tight lights such as the one at Toulouse Street to avoid excessive traffic backup.)

Access to the Jax, Sugar and Badine parking lots as well as the Aquarium of the Americas will be maintained. NOPD will facilitate converting Bienville from N. Peters to N. Front St. into a 2 way road to maintain access. Road signs communicating the open status of the parking lots will be in place. 

 March 31st & April 1st  N. Peters  St. will be converted from 4 lanes to 2 between Bienville and St. Louis St. The work on these days will be lighter and will allow limited access to N. Peters which should help congestion.

 During this time all Quarter bound oversized vehicles will be diverted at Canal St. and all CBD bound oversized vehicles will be diverted at Esplanade (The Esplanade diversions should be at a minimum as only port bound oversized vehicles should be attempting to utilize the Decatur route.)


March 29th -April 1st the immediate area of N. Peters/Bienville/Decatur will be experiencing traffic congestion. Please avoid the area if possible or allow for extra travel time. All businesses and parking lots in the area will remain open.

If anyone has any other filming information in New Orleans for this movie, or any other send us an email.  If you go down and get some pics we would love to see them.  Send an email to