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March 30 Daily Filming Locations for Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Boston and Other Locations

March 29, 2010

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Los Angeles Filming Locations

A commercial for Johnsonville is being filmed at 835 S. San Rafael Av. in Pasadena

Happy Endings is being filmed on location in Los Angeles at 1757 N. Lake Ave in Pasadena

March 27 through April 1st Bad Teacher starring Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake
is filming in Los Angeles at 600 S McCadden Pl from 7am til 10pm

Security is filming in the Los Angeles area at 613 S Grand Ave from 5am til 10pm

On the 31st CSI:New York is filming at 830 S Hill St in Los Angeles from 2pm til 7pm.  They are also filming at 304 S Broadway
from 7pm til 5am
24 may or may not be filming at 590 S Santa Fe Ave from 7am til 10pm.  The Show was cancelled, but dont know if they
will be finishing or just stopping completly.


Chicago Filming Locations

“The Line”, “Pleading Guilty” and “Matadors” are filming tv pilots in the Chicago area.

Here are some pics from this week, for the filming of “The Line”
If you know where they are filming send us an email, and we will let everyone else know.

“Matadors” has been filming around the Wabash and Monroe area. I believe they will be done on the 30th

“Pleading Guilty “  is filming starting Monday morning in Chicago at Wilson Skatepark on Lakeshore Drive.

 Update:  There is filming occuring at 321 N. Wacker.   From the location I believe its Matadors.  If you goto the area and check it out, let us know. 

New Orleans Filming Locations

Monday morning March 29th  through the evening of April 1st the motion picture “RED” starring Bruce Willis will be filming on N. Peters between St. Louis and Bienville.  The filming will take place from roughly 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM each day. The activity will include simulated gunfire and stunt work.

March 29th & 30th N. Peters will be closed from St. Louis to Bienville.   Quarter bound traffic traveling on N. Peters will be diverted at Bienville St. over to Charters St.  (This traffic diversion will be efficiently facilitated by 15 NOPD officers who will pull traffic through tight lights such as the one at Toulouse Street to avoid excessive traffic backup.)

Access to the Jax, Sugar and Badine parking lots as well as the Aquarium of the Americas will be maintained. NOPD will facilitate converting Bienville from N. Peters to N. Front St. into a 2 way road to maintain access. Road signs communicating the open status of the parking lots will be in place.

Check out our Filming Notification Page for Red for locations from the 29th through the 1st.

Boston, MA Filming Locations

“Quinn-Tuplets” started filming in Boston on the 23rd and wil go through the 31st.
If you are in Boston, and know exactly where filming is located, send us an email
and we will update our information

Update: There is filming occuring this morning in the Cambridge area. The location is in the vacant lot on corner of Industrial Park Rd and Eduction St – right under the highway ramp.

Will find out if its Boston’s Finest or Quinn-Tuplets


Atlanta, Georgia Filming Locations
We got an email from Sarah that lives in Atlanta.  “The Movie Hall Pass with Owen Wilson is filming at Johnny’s Hideaway, 3771 Roswell Road in Atlanta
on Monday and Tuesday this week.”  Thanks Sarah

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