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First location pictures taken in Galisteo, NM outside of Thor Set!! – March 19

March 19, 2010

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The sign on the state highway outside Galisteo and the gate I think they built with the road leading several blocks back into the hillside.















 The right side of the only visible part on the hill. They are hiding the set very well. These are grip trucks placed to hide any look at anything.















The left side. The camera zoom as far as it would go.















A full shot from further away















Mountains in the area.  Don’t know if they are using the local scenery in the film.















This is where everyone parked the other day and it is also the rodeo grounds used in “Have You Heard about the Morgans?” No one here today.

The Photographer  drove up to the guard house and the guard made everyone turn around and leave pronto. I didn’t see any activity on the road going up to the hill to the set.

As the photographer turned around a truck and a white van drove by. They are using white vans to transport cast, director, etc. but because of the rain/snow storm predicted for today they must have decided to not film outdoors. Probably using a cover set somewhere.

Thank you so much for the hard work of our anonymous source!!  You are awesome.

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