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Daily filming locations For March 22nd including Matadors, Green Lantern, 24 and other locations!!

March 21, 2010

Los Angeles filming Locations For the 22nd and 23rd

Bones will be filming on location in Los Angeles at 1360 E 6th St

Kindreds is filming on location in Los Angeles at 330 S. Oak Knoll

Lowes is filming a commercial at 222 S. Grand Avenue in Los Angeles

TV Pilot Chaos is filming in Los Angeles at 506 S Grand Ave from 7am til 12am

The Mission Desserts is filming on location in Los Angeles
from March 2nd through March 23rd at 833 E 3rd St and 929 E 2nd St from 7am til 10pm’

WORLD PEACE MEDIA will be filming on location in Los Angeles from 8am til 10pm  from the 20th through the 22nd from 8am til 10pm at 225 E 5th St

Glory Days is  filming in Los Angeles at 753 S. Spring Street from March 23 through the 25th between 11am til 1am

CSI: New York is filming in Los Angeles at 635 S. Mateo Street from 5am til 10pm.  They are also filming at 2017 E. 7th Street
from 11am til 12am on the 23rd

Most Likely to Succeed is filming on location in Los Angeles at 610 S. Main Street from 6am til 11pm on March 23rd

FOX TV show 24 is filming at Flowers Street from 6th to Wilshire BLVD
from 6am til 10pm on March 23rd


Hopkins, Minnesota Filming Locations

The Convincer was back in Hopkins, MN.
Send us an email, if you know exactly where they are filming this week!!
Filming is probably approaching being done.


Galisteo, New Mexico filming locations

Filming for the new Thor movie is going to be moving to Galisteo, New Mexico.
If you go down, would love pics.  send them our way and we will share with everyone!!



Chicago Filming Locations

Matadors is filming from the 13th through the 30th.
If you have filming locations let us know.

Update:  Looks like the filming trucks are in the area of Wabash and Monroe


Boston, MA Filming Locations

“Quinn-Tuplets” starts filming in Boston on the 23rd and wil go through the 31st.
If you are in Boston, and know exactly where filming is located, send us an email
and we will update our information

Update:  The 23rd and 24th they will be filming in Lowell.  

Boston’s Finest is filming also in Boston.  It is a ABC pilot starring Katie Sackoff.  They are filming on Shawmut Ave near Union Park Street.

 The show will be filming in Boston on Tuesday the 23rd on Canal Street


New Orleans Filming Locations

We got an email that Green Lantern will be filming at 8oo Richard Street in New Orleans


Shreveport,  LA Filming Locations

Friday, February 26, 8:00 PM to Saturday, March 27, 3:00 AM
Interruptions of traffic on Milam Street between Louisiana Ave and Common Street



Check back in the morning for more filming location!!

If you know of any other filming location you want us to know about, just write it below!!
Or you can send an email to

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