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Enter our “What celebrity does your pet look like?” Contest

February 16, 2010


Have you been told your pet resembles a certain celebrity? Do you have a friend that has a pet that looks like a certain star?  Well we want to see!!

BleachBright of Spokane is sponsoring our “What celebrity does your pet look like?” contest that will be running through March 7th. 

Entering the contest is extremely easy.  If you are not a member of facebook group then join. Once you are there upload your image of your pet, and describe which celebrity you think your pet looks like. 

Be funny and be creative.  Have fun with it!!  Tell your friends about it, and have them upload their pets image.

The winner for the best pet celebrity picture will win a FREE BleachBright of Spokane KeepBright Pen.  (The Pen retails for $19.99)



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