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Daily filming locations for Feb 4th for New York, Los Angeles, and Hopkins, Minnesota

February 04, 2010

The locations below are listed.   We have locations for today and coming up listed on our Feb 1st update

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New York Filming Locations

Black Swan is filming through the 5th near the Brooklyn Museum (thanks Rachel)

Damages is still filming on Staten Island on Katan Avenue.
John sent us an email yesterday about Damages. He let us know today they should be there for the rest of the week.
Gossip Girl is filming in the Central Park area for the rest of the week.   If this
can be confirmed, let us know, or if it can be narrowed down to certain streets!!


Los Angeles Filming Locations

Other than the locations listed from the Feb 1st update we have a few new Los Angeles locations

Castle is filming on location in Los Angeles at the area of  West 6th Street and South Spring Street again.

NCIS: LA is filming on location in Los Angeles, and will be filming at several locations.   The 1st location is 516 S Anderson St from 10am til 10pm.
The 2nd location is Under the bridge at Whittier Boulevard from Clarence Street to Anderson Street from 8am til 6pm.  The 3rd location is Anderson Street from
4th street to Jesse Street from 6pm til 12am.  The final location is at 4th street from Mateo Street to Anderson Street from 8pm til 6am. So if you are interested
the best area will be Anderson Street and 4th Street.

Michigan Filming Locations

Looking for information for Sleepless Beauty and jekyll and Hyde, both of which is supposed to start filming in Grand Rapids, MI soon.
If you are an extra or have information dont hesitate to share with us!!

If you have any information or filming updates, send an email to or post them below



Austin, Texas

True Grit is starting a casting look in Austin Texas, check out our post about the movie for all of the details.  This casting call will be from the 4th through the 6th.


Hawaii Filming Locations

We had Questions about the movie, Soul Surfer from our viewers.  From our understanding filming starts on the 2nd of Feb, and hasnt started filming yet.

Hopkins, Minnesota

If you are interested in being an extra for the movie, “The Convincer” with Greg Kinnear and Alan Arkin, check out this page.

When filming starts, and you are in the area we would love filming location information and set pics.  Of course as we get information we will share it with everyone!!