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Sam Mendes in Negotiations to Direct Bond 23

January 06, 2010


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sam Mendes is in negotiations to direct the next James Bond film.  Mendes has directed such movies as American Beauty (which he won an oscar for), Road to Perdition, Jarhead, Revolutionary Road, and the recent Away We Go.  MGM is fast tracking the movie and shooting for a 2011 release.  What’s interesting is that MGM was supposed to be sold in the upcoming months, possibly jeopardizing the Bond franchise for a while.  Now, with Mendes in final negotiations it seems that the new Bond film will happen sooner than later.  The last Bond film, Quantum of Solace, was directed by Marc Foster and was the second most profitable Bond film (behind Martin Campbell’s Casino Royale in 2006).  However, critically Quantum of Solace was hammered, and was hit or moss for the general public.  To me it felt like a step back from the inventiveness of Casino Royale.  It was more like a Jason Bourne film than a James Bond.

I think Mendes is a great choice because he has a classical shooting style similar to Campbell.   He filmed a little bit of action in Road to perdition, but other than that he has only directed dramas.  It also helps that Peter morgan, writer of the Queen and Frost/Nixon, is on board to help out with the script.  Daniel Craig is a great Bond and I feel that this is the right direction for MGM to go in hiring Mendes.  The classic feel of Bond was lost in the last film and Mendes has a great task ahead in bringing the series back up to par with Casino Royale.

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