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Let Me In’s Release Date Announced

January 07, 2010

By now, you lettherightone1may have heard about the English language remake of Tomas Alfredson’s hauntingly elegant and beautiful Swedish vampire film LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. Like me, you may have had your fingers crossed that such an unnecessary remake of a modern classic would never come to pass – or at least not in a mere two years after the original’s release.

Sadly, here comes reality charging in, busting down your door, and stomping on your testicles repeatedly until you beg for death.

Cinema Blend cites from a press release that the official release date of the Matt Reeves’ remake, titled LET ME IN is October 1, 2010.

Unlike the overwhelming majority of the internet community, I’m not entirely convinced that the new film will be an entire bastardization of the original. I enjoyed Reeves’ work on CLOVERFIELD, and think it’s entirely possible that he can take the source material and create a competent film out of it that’s “more accessible” to American audiences.

It’s the principle of the thing.

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN is a brilliant, brilliant film, that needs to be highlighted and people need to see – not buried under a higher budgeted American remake. But sadly, as long as the original film remains in Swedish, it doesn’t appear that’s going to happen. And that’s depressing.

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