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Kick-Ass Trailer well….Kicks Ass!

January 08, 2010


The Full length trailer for Kick-Ass has finally come out and it is awesome.  Kick Ass has recently been slated to open the SXSW film festival a month before their release date, in order to hype up the film for April.  The movie is set to open on April 16 of this year.  It’s directed by Matthew Vaughn and based off of the graphic novel by Mark Miller (Wanted).  The movie is about Dave Lizewski, a high school student and comic book fan, who one day decides to become a super hero despite the fact that he has no powers or training.

I think this is a really well cut trailer, and from early reports, this movie is going to be quite a surprise.  Lionsgate is hoping that the buzz from the SXSW film festival will help make this movie a hit, and if the trailer is any indication on how crazy this movie is going to be, it should be quite awesome.  Check out the trailer on yahoo here –  Kick-Ass trailer. As always leave your thoughts and reactions in the comments section.

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