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Snoop, Sam Elliot, Antonio Banderas and Delroy Lindo begin movie “The Big Bang” in Spokane, wa

October 12, 2009


“The Big Bang” is independent film about a hard-boiled Los Angeles detective’s
search for a womean who is supposed to exist, but whom no one has
actually seen. Interwined in the plot is a tangle of individuals with
connections to the woman, including a quantum physicist who is looking
for the God Particle – the theoretical source of all matter in the universe.
The Solution to the mystery will cost ten lives, net #30 million
and just might explain.. well.. everything.

Filming will occur October 14th through October 16th as well as October
28th. October 14th through 16th crew will be at Odd Fellows Hall at
1017 W. 1st from 7am to 7:30pm. Trucks will be parking between Monroe
and Madison and between Madison and Jefferson. On OCtober 28th crew will be
at Otis Hotel at 110 S. Madison from 4pm to 8pm.

Update for October 22nd

Filming is occuring today at Sprague Lake today near Spokane on the movie “The Big Bang”  If you visit we would love pictures, or if you have any further information about filming just leave a note below or send an email.  Thanks for the tip (Harleypoint)!!

You can check out the film listing in IMDB. The film includes
Snoop Dogg, Sam Elliot, Delroy Lindo, Antonio Banderas, Thomas Kretschmann
and others.

If you are in the Spokane area, and you see filming of this movie,  let us know, or if you have other information write it below.  If you get any filming pictures send them our way to

  • shelleypangle

    They will be filming on my street N. Wall on the 16th. They had planned to start today (13th) but weather didn't permit. I will be taking tons of picks and posting them here and on MySpace…

  • thomasscharp

    Type your comment here.ZThey shot 2 scenes at theairway express inn on wednesday and to my knowledge te were going to be shooting out at sprague wa. today weather permitting

  • thomasscharp

    i realy wanted to say tat we should al be praying for melaine and tat everything goes right with her problems as she has given us alot of her life in films!

  • shelbybaglien

    i heard today they will be filming at the old YMCA pool (the building by the river in the middle of Riverfront Park)

  • The shooting dates either changed or were extended. My husband's an extra who got called to play an LAPD cop tonight (11/19/09).

  • JoJomo

    HellZ YEs!!!! Sprague all da way babay!!!!

  • JoJomo

    HellZ YEs!!!! Sprague all da way babay!!!!